icehouse beer tastes like stella artois

take that internet…first official post about icehouse beer tasting like stella…if someone uses the google or does a lycos…they will find this post about how icehouse beer tastes like stella artois!



are we ready to start a new design width standard yet? Seriously…1000px was so 5 years ago…lets step it up…at what point can we actually begin making the jump to 1200px wide?

I would think that as web designers it is our duty to stat on top of what the technology has for us, however i do understand that client needs will always out weigh what we want to do but at some point the jump has got to be made…just a thought

Google Browser Size

Google Browser Size is a visualization of browser window sizes for people who visit Google. For example, the “90%” contour means that 90% of people visiting Google have their browser window open to at least this size or larger.

This is useful for ensuring that important parts of a page’s user interface are visible by a wide audience. On the example page that you see when you first visit this site, there is a “donate now” button which falls within the 80% contour, meaning that 20% of users cannot see this button when they first visit the page. 20% is a significant number; knowing this fact would encourage the designer to move the button much higher in the page so it can be seen without scrolling.
you can enter your own website adress into the browser based tool to see how your website is stacking up against google statistics –


Launched a New Project This Week!

Launched December 8, 4:14am 6lbs – 5oz

Lincoln Donald Lanford – He is Beautiful!

Some Good Social Media “Suggested” Guidelines

Just ran across a great article about some great social media guidelines which some of the bigger companies use when considering how they are going to open up and share information with their user base. While some of these may seem a little generic (i.e. Zappos – Be real and use your best judgment.) there are actually quite a few good ones in here. So weather you are an employee of a large company or or just trying to promote your own small business, it can never hurt to have some pointers about social media.


Always pause and think before posting. That said, reply to comments in a timely manner, when a response is appropriate. But if it gives you pause, pause. If you’re about to publish something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, don’t shrug it off and hit ‘send.’ Take a minute to review these guidelines and try to figure out what’s bothering you, then fix it. If you’re still unsure, you might want to discuss it with your manager or legal representative. Ultimately, what you publish is yours – as is the responsibility. So be sure

– Kodak

Post frequently. It’s a lot of work but don’t post to your blog then leave it for two weeks. Readers won’t have a reason to follow you on Twitter or check your blog if they can’t expect new content regularly.

read all of the guidelines here

Augmented Reality Done Right

I was wondering if this technology would ever have a hope in hell of doing more than just being a fancy pants way of showcasing your logo or other brand in some wacky way…but the online shopping site of has a virtual dressing room where you can actually try on different outfits using their augmented reality tool and also allows you to share with your friends on facebook…pretty cool!

Font Bureau Font Specimens Catalog – Free!!!

Tired of using the same old fonts for all of your projects? Reinvigorate your creativity with a free download of the entire Font Bureau Font Specimen Catalog…YAY!!!


Download The Specimens Here!